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What's Poppin'? R.I.P Cicely Tyson. The crew give their Super Bowl predictions along with a forecast about the commercials this year. Shewana shares the juicy details about a salacious story involving former police Chief, Jason Collier, who was caught cheating on his wife after both of his mistresses called him out on the police department's Facebook page. In J.R.’s “piss you off” news, is Subway’s Tuna really tuna?   

Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone becomes a microcosm of the issues women face in our society. Shewana calls out J.R. and Trav for their mansplaining, their bias, their disrespect and their overall micro-aggressions in the context of producing and hosting the podcast.  The conversation gets real.   

In the Zone: Darnell Rogers

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