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This is a replay of episode 11 which originally aired on February 19, 2020. 

On this episode of The Mind Pop Zone Podcast, J.R., Shewana and Travis open the show discussing a story about a Kansas City man who is offering $25,000 to the person who can find him a girlfriend. Tired of online dating, the 47-year entrepreneur launched his own dating website in hope of finding love. If you find him a girlfriend, he will pay you $25,000.  

Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew keeps it 100 about a variety of topics even when their opinions are unpopular. Topics include:

  • Trader Joe's is overrated

  • The Kardashians are overrated

  • There are only 3 holidays you should care about

  • Get rid of the news

  • Donald Trump is entertaining (in a moronic way)

  • Society needs to treat women better

  • And much more...…..

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