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On this episode of The Mind Pop Zone, the crew opens the show discussing the tragedy involving Naya Rivera. J.R. also admits to Shewana and Trav that he is officially a fan of the Hamilton Musical. The crew also discusses the boycott of Goya foods, Disney's partnership with Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots. 

Main Topic: The Mind Poppers sent in questions for the "ask men anything" segment. Shewana moderates as Trav and J.R. keep it real and answer all of their questions.

  • Why do men like needy girls?

  • What is the best part and worst part about being a man?

  • Would you date or marry a porn star? 

  • Why do men ask for your phone number and never call?

  • Why do men cheat?

  • Who communicates better? Men or women?

  • Do men like natural beauty?

  • Why do men ghost?

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